So hopefully you’ve learned some fun new skills at one of our events…and now you’re looking to learn a few more…


Girls Hack Ireland resources

Here are some links to some of the resources we’ve used to deliver the Girls Hack Ireland Events – you can start some new projects or build on the skills you learned with us!


Mozilla Thimble

This online editor is great fun, and comes with a great range of projects to try.  You may have tried the comic strip at one of our events – now you can try to create your own ‘Keep Calm and…’ poster, or Homework Excuse Generator!  Have a look and try it out:


Scratch Resources

We taught some of you how to use Scratch with the Microsoft Kinect.  You’ll be relieved to know that even without a Kinect, you can work away on Scratch on do all kinds of fun things.  There’s an online version of Scratch you can use (so you don’t need to download it):



We highly recommend is looking up your local Coderdojo Club.  There are plenty of clubs running across Ireland and it’s a tried and trusted organisation – you can learn all about coding with others who share your interests.  To find a Coderdojo club near new, visit:

Coderdojo Logo